June Solstice

On the June solstice, we celebrate the shortest day and longest night in one hemisphere and the shortest night and longest day in the other hemisphere. From this day forward, the cycle starts to reverse, and things change. Nights become longer in one hemisphere and shorter in the other. Growth cycles of plants change, animals know to start breeding or to start fattening up for the season when food becomes scarce. People change as they adapt. It is a time of change and reversal.

We celebrate and embrace change. Change is what makes life eventful, rich and worth living. Change is good for the soul and may bring discomfort or comfort to the mind, but it remains good for soul growth. Some fear change, some pray for it, some beg for it.

We give gifts of poetry about changes in lives, changes in seasons, and the inevitable, blessed, eternal cycle of change that soul beings are living on so many levels. It is a time for increase indulging in mysticism.

Wisdom is a feminine, Yin, concept. We honour the female aspect of the universe, in all things. Contemplative.

The theme is.Wisdom results from living the ever-changing life.

Food: Sweet and sour

Home shrine and Temple shrine: We honour the silent, background figure known to us as the outpourerof wisdom, the “holy spirit” (Christian term). Oblations of low light, dark candles, moonlight, dark brews and deep rich wines.

Main focus on:Mahasthamaprapta


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