The Unnameable One is the source and essence of all things seen and unseen. Therefore, It is also the source and essence of all types of spiritual beings, some of which we refer to as deities, gods (senior spiritual beings), and senior Gods (exceptionally powerful Divine Beings in charge of spiritual 'worlds').

The Unnameable Almighty One is the essence  that animate and empower all things, also spiritual beings.

One such a majestic and powerful spiritual being is the ruler and monarch of our spiritual heaven, the Lord our God Amitabha, God our Father in Heaven.

The Sanskrit title Amitabha (sometimes abbreviated by Chinese people as Amita) means Eternal Light.

Our Father is in charge not only of the heaven called Sukhavati (Land of Bliss) in Sanskrit, but also of  the soul school here on Earth. See article: Soul School Earth.

Various Scriptures east and west (Lotus Sutra, Heart Sutra, Bible, Eastern Bible, among other) state that Sukhavati is a monarchy, and our Father in Heaven is the King of Heaven and Earth. These Scriptures also speak of Avalokiteshvara as the son of God, the 'Savior of the World' as the 'Prince of Heaven', the one who would follow in the Father's footsteps as the future King of Sukhavati.

It is said that quite recently, about 15,000 years ago, Amitabha modified the genetic code of a humanoid strain animals on Earth to improve their physical bodies and minds to be better suited as soul vehicles in the school on Earth. For that reason it is said that God the Father is our maker, and knows us intimately. Students of the evolution of humanoids on Earth appreciate that after the previous glacial event on Earth a major jump in evolution is noticable, so much so that some scholars hypothesized an unsolved "missing link" theory. Such scholars may not have studied our traditional knowledge on this matter.